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Choose your own lesbian adventure!

Was just up in Sydney for the UPPA (U Picky Poof) book launch by Tony Grace. I am writing the lesbian version ‘Turn to the dyke side’ and it’s out…

Power For Peace!

Power For Peace! What a night! 1 Giant Mind and Yoganica in partnership with Deepak Chopra, Unify, soul sister Indie Arie and spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein with the help of some…

Justine Jade – Trip The Light Fantastic

My solo music act Justine Jade kicked off with a listening party in December, amongst a great event called TRIP THE LIGHT from the Positivity Project. – it was a…

Rainbow Serpent Festival plus JMAC!

YES – I am playing at Rainbow Serpent Festival! Catch me in the BLIND TIGER stage SAT 24th night, 10pm for some comedy! Then 11pm for some beats, singing as…